Challenge: Better Measurements in Less Time

The aftermarket automotive industry for pickup beds includes custom-fit toolboxes, storage systems, bed liners, and more. Accurate measurements are required for a precise fit, but tape measures and calipers are slow with additional complexity for curves and angles. Inaccurate measurements can cause redesigns for trial-and-error fits, extending the design workflow by days.

Solution: 3D Capture with a Professional 3D Scanner

To 3D scan car or truck parts for aftermarket products, speed and accuracy are important. The Mantis Vision F6 handheld 3D scanner can scan to CAD in minutes, reducing design time and yielding better accuracy than calipers and tape measures. This video shows an automotive 3D scanner application, where the Mantis Vision portable 3D scanner captures a truck bed in just over a minute in an outdoor environment. The point cloud is immediately viewable, and the total scan to SolidWorks time is less than five minutes. The F6 3D hand scanner is ideal for automotive teams looking to 3d scan to cad existing parts for aftermarket designs or retrofits.

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