3D Volumetric Studios

Highest Quality

  • Studio Recording Mode creates lifelike, photorealistic volumetric assets for AR, VR, XR, virtual production, etc

Live Pipeline

  • Enabled by its patented 3d capture camera technology, a Mantis Vision breakthrough is the capability of LIVE volumetric streaming for real-time communication and broadcasts.

Small Footprint

  • Measuring less than 3×3 meters with no green screen required, the Mantis Vision Volumetric Studio can fit in any setting.

Fast Renders

  • The optimized workflow enables render times of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, and a real-time mode allows instant previews and assets.

High Throughput

  • Volumetric capture of hundreds of people per day for activations and events, with immediate access to their AR “hologram”.

Bandwidth Friendly

  • Mantis Vision content can be viewed from 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, or wired connections thanks to the streamlined workflow and compression.
3d scanner professional
3d scanner professional

Volumetric Studio Benefits

* Real Motion Redress solution using the uniform mesher.

  • HQ 3D dynamic video
  • No green screen
  • Fast and Realtime workflow
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Easy alignment and calibration
  • Small footprint
  • Web based model viewing, no app required
  • Multiple export options
  • Easy integration through API
  • High quality decimation up to 10%

Volumetric Studio Workflow

Mantis Vision’s 3D Volumetric Studio has the fastest workflow from scan to share, with exceptional data quality and an easy-to-use interface


Volumetric Studio Specifications

3iosk 16 3iosk 21 Studio Ring
No. of RGB cameras 32 42 64
No. of depth cameras 16 21 32
Scanning scene height 2050mm 2050mm 2200mm
Scanning scene diameter * Ø900mm Ø2500mm - Ø3000mm
3iosk footprint Ø2575mm Ø4200mm - Ø4700mm
3iosk height 2485mm 2700mm
HQ assets processing time ** ~ 30sec per frame ~ 60sec per frame
Real-Time Live preview Yes Yes
HQ processing time 30 sec per frame 45 sec per frame
Video scanning speed 15/24/25/30 fps 15/24/25/30 fps
Real-Time Live Streaming Yes Yes

* Studio Ring’s scanning diameter and height can be customized.

** The processing time is based on single render machine. Support for distributed computing on both cloud and local rendering.

Mantis Vision Volumetric Studios Worldwide

virtual Next

Virtual Next

  • Korea, Seoul

Digital Nation Entertainment

  • USA, Los Angeles 

SUMMIT One Vanderbbilt

  • USA, New York

Tampere University

  • Finland, Tampere

Arizona State University

  • USA, Phoenix

Mantis Vision

  • Israel, Tel Aviv
  • China, Shanghai
  • China, Nanjing

Volumetric Studio Applications

professional 3d scanner

Volumetric Souvenirs

Capture attendees and provide an AR keepsake to share on social media. Static poses are rigged and animated to create unbelievable sequences. Volumetric videos combined with CGI elements bring to life one-of-a-kind stories.

Virtual meetings

AR Guide​

Through your mobile phone see a full-size hologram of an AR expert for guided tours, tutorials, exhibits, instructions, or even live Q&A. Use throughout the venue, and update for new exhibits.



Record in the volumetric scanner and share through QR codes or clickable links for customers to experience an AR hologram of a celebrity, spokesperson, or model through their phone.

Virtual meetings

Live Interviews​

Record and broadcast remote volumetric interviews in 3D. Viewers see the participants interacting as though they are in the same room, even when they are thousands of miles apart.


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