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Mantis Vision Advanced Echo™ software package is a collection of scan and editing tools for 3D models. 3D decoding and registration is performed online, using a patented algorithm, to guarantee accurate scan results in 3D point-cloud format. The editing tools allow post-scan actions like: noise removal, editing, registration corrections, meshing, file format conversion and export.

These tools allow creation of highly accurate mesh with color texturing for the highest quality output. The Echo™ software is free of charge and can be downloaded from Mantis Vision website. Customer support is available 24/7. 

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Echo's Main Features:

3d object scanner

Automatic Online Registration

From a scan to a point-cloud in seconds

3d object scanner

Noise Filtering and Editing

Echo™ provides powerful automatic noise filtering and sophisticated manual selection tools for points editing and removal.

3d object scanner

Meshing Tools

Create a photo-realistic mesh and fine tune the result with sophisticated tools such as mesh trimmer.

accuracy 3d scanner

Accurate Measurement Toolset

Echo™ offers built-in measurement tools which allow users to perform complex measurements in high accuracy.

3d object scanner

3D Data Visualization Tools

A patented on-line decoding and registration algorithm allows the user to view the registered point-cloud while scanning.

Real-time Registration

See the point cloud model builds in front of your eyes while you scan


During the scanning process, the 3D model is being registered in real-time with no need for any input from the user.

Viewing the registered model while scanning gives the user an early coverage indication, and allows for  a real-time evaluation of scan quality, improving both the workflow and the end result.

Field Calibration

All 3D handheld scanners require periodic calibration. With Mantis Vision’s technology this complex process is simplified into a quick and easy flow performed from within Echo.

The calibration can be performed on the spot, by the user, using an A4 printout.
See the attached video for a full description of how the calibration process can be performed on the field without the need to send the scanner back to the manufacturer.


No special equipment is required

Fast 3d scanner

in minutes

Easy 3d scanner

Easy to perform

Measurement Tool

A suite of sophisticated tools that allows the user to perform a range of measurements
on both the point cloud and the mesh.

With Echo, the user can now define geometry references, such as planes, lines and points –   and use those references to measure with the highest levels of accuracy.


At Mantis Vision we are very proud of the fact that our tool can also measure the volume of objects in a point cloud model, saving the user the time it takes to mesh.

3d object scanner


accuracy 3d scanner


3d scanner


F6 Handheld 3D scanner - Echo software


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