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Mantis Vision puts 3D image and volumetric video capture into the hands of every consumer, application developer, game designer and industry professional. Using cutting edge 3d capture technology, Turning people, objects, and places into a high resolution 3D volumetric studio, in real-time, has never been easier.

3D Ring Studios & Face Capture

3D Handheld Scanners & Echo Software

Mobile Sensors & AR 3D Content Applications

3D video - Volumetric studio

3D Ring Studios & Face Capture

The Ring Studios platform enables high quality, live-streaming, 3D volumetric content. Our solutions encompass the entire spectrum of 3D content capture: from the cameras to the content delivery.

volumetric video

Live Streaming in 3D

Film and live-stream 3D content via wireless 5G networks using our Ring Studio SDK and content delivery network

3d object scanner

Ring Studio Systems

Custom 3D capturing systems for every volumetric content project. From full sized studios to portable capture systems

face 3d scanner

Face Capturing

Mantis Vision enables rapid 3D face capturing in live volumetric detail. This 3D data allows the highest accuracy of face authentication

3d scanner professional

3D Handheld Scanners & Echo Software

Designed for fast 3D data capture of detailed objects and hard-to-reach areas, the F6 professional 3D scanner is easy to operate and 3D models can be created in minutes by new users. This speed of capture makes Mantis Vision the leader of 3D scanning companies for the 3D scanner professional and 3D scanning services.

handheld 3d scanner | Mantis-vision


High performance 3D handheld scanner with the widest scanning distance on the market

handheld 3d scanner | Mantis-vision

F6 Short-Range

Designed especially for ultra-accurate fast scanning of highly detailed small objects, positioned in close proximity

volumetric video

Echo™ Software

Sophisticated post-processing tools that enhance the quality of the scanned image


Mobile Sensors & AR 3D Content Applications

Solutions for mobile devices, including miniaturized Structured Light sensors, as well as mobile apps that fuse volumetric content with reality



Transforms your face into hi-res 3D messaging videos



AR 3D content viewer fuses 3D volumetric content with real-time video over AR capable devices


Volume Plus

3D volumetric app allows the creation of fully immersive experiences by planting volumetric objects in exact locations


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