volumetric video capture

Proprietary coded structured-light technology, enable highest level of details and proven top performance. Combined with cutting edge 3D content creation software, we enable user content creation and instant Virtual and Augmented Reality experience. Mantis Vision’s technology is robust, scalable and with a minimal ~4mm thickness, making it the smart choice for any form factor, including; mobile, smart connected devices, multi-camera volumetric solutions and professional hand-held scanners.

Mantis Vision software optimizes the core sensing technology, by offering a full 3D processing pipeline (utilizing professional 3D scanner technology).. Our solution addresses depth sensing and processing needs such as auto calibration, high-quality registration, segmentation, VR/MR shading, and even data compression and streaming. The result- any user can capture a static or dynamic object, person or scene of choice, in different ambient light conditions and instantly edit, share and stream the real volumetric content to any 2D/3D/MR/VR platform.


Mantis Vision’ proprietary coded pattern, yields at least 4 times more critical features density, relative to competitors’, resulting in high resolution of 120K points when using 1M sensor, or 40K points when using a VGA Sensor.


Triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angle to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline, rather than measuring distances to the point directly.


Active triangulation means that instead of using two cameras and the light on the scenery, we use active infrared source to illuminate the scenery and only single camera to create the real-time depth mapping. 


Structured light is used to create a single projected pattern. Since the pattern is being projected and captured by the camera at high framerate we can create 3D movies (4D). 

The point can then be fixed as the third point of a triangle with one known side and two known angles.

One camera replaced with active source (infrared strobe light)

professional 3d scanner-mantis vision

Mantis-vision pattern utilizes a unique code (Patented-US8208719) allows a smaller footprint to uniquely identify many more points than in standard methods (i.e.: any desired point-resolution could be provided by using a more robust coded-pattern due to a “smaller footprint”)

This unique technology provide a higher resolution & accuracy for lower MOS (minimal object size)

professional 3d scanner-techpatent