volum plus

Plant your full body anywhere

Volume+ is a FREE 3D Volumetric “Location Based Posting” application, that fuses 3D Volumetric content on top of real time video for AR/VR/MR capable devices. Users can plant volumetric objects in the exact location they want it to be delivered for future passerby and share on social media.

professional 3d scanner
volumetric video


create and compose augmented reality short videos with 3D volumetric contents.

Director's chair

Compose AR scenes

combining one or multiple 3D depth volumetric content from library and “plant” them in real scenes to compose picture or live videos.


Unified Location based posting

utilizing ARKit 2.0 exact location in combination with GPS to achieve “true” augmented reality multilayer experience to be delivered for future passerby.

Share content

export your Volume- XR compositions as pictures or videos as attached files and upload file to social apps and other supports.

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